Sunday, December 20, 2009

USB Rechargeable Cell

No electrical outlet to plug your battery charger into? No worry! These batteries plug into any powered USB port for quick and convenient charging.

USB Rechargeable Cell 01USB Rechargeable Cell 02
A really convenient gadget, these rechargeable batteries actually have a 5V DC USB plug attached to the cell, allowing you to recharge them from your laptop or any other USB Source. Perfect for recharging any digital camera that uses AA Batteries without the need for bulky chargers and cables.
  • Simply plug the cells into a USB port on your laptop, personal computer or video game console and let the recharging begin
  • Work great in flashlights, bike lights, remote controls, digital cameras and wireless computer peripherals
    LED status light indicates when charging is in progress; light flashes when batteries are 90% charged and turns off when fully charged
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries pose less threat to the environment as they do not contain the heavy metal cadmium found in nickel cadmium batteries
  • Save money and create less toxic waste by using rechargeable batteries rather than single-use alkaline batteries
  • Recommended charge time of five hours via USB port; can also be charged in a NiMH battery charger
Help keep harmful heavy metals out of our air and water by recycling your rechargeable batteries. For information on how you can get started recycling rechargeable batteries, visit the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation website at

USBCELL has also designed batteries in the AAA format with an instant foldout full-size USB, and with a mini-USB.


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