Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fleximus Camera: Flexibility ideal for Plumbers!

Have you ever imagined how hard and time consuming it is for plumbers to find the faults in pipes whenever they try to do some repairs or maintenance works? Thanks to Art Lebedev Studio, they can now easily locate the source of problem as they introduced their Fleximus camera.

Fleximus Camera 04Fleximus camera is an innovative, yet simply designed, flexible tubular camera with lens. It can be mounted on a compact view finder or a 3-inch display module.
Fleximus Camera 02       Fleximus Camera 01  
          Camera with a compact view finder                Horizons for creativity broadened tremendously
  Fleximus Camera 03
Detachable part with a large screen

Fleximus can capture clear photos, record videos, and is designed to have as few controllers as possible. The flexible tube allows a photographer to shoot at angles never imaginable before. Just right for plumbers angling through pipes.


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