Saturday, January 30, 2010

Androids - Are they already near us?

Most of us have probably watched Dragon Ball Z when we were teens. If you have followed the saga, you're probably familiar with Adroid 17, 18, and 19. Well, I guess they are not just a thing of our childhood anymore. As researchers continue to enhance their knowledge about robotics, more and more things are being developed. 

What are Androids?

Androids have been mainly an element of science fiction, yet it is increasingly becoming a reality in Japan and South Korea. An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e. a robot that looks like a human. Many android developers call their creations "humanoids" rather than androids. Here is a video of Jules, a real android.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Python Watercar - The Car that Rules the Waves!

A car that can drive on water? Sounds amazing isn't it? 
Here's another James Bond-ish invention that will wow you.. 
Watercar Python 01
Now, are you ready to buy your first amphibious car? In case you do, make sure you watch the video below. Billed as “the world’s fastest, highest performing amphibious vehicle ever designed and built,” the Python is available in several colors and with several different variations of General Motors’ LS series engine — including the ultra-powerful engine found in the Corvette ZR1. It is said to be the world’s fastest machine capable of running both on water and on regular roads. The car has a V8 engine based on the LS Corvette power train which will get you no less than 640hp when on land. When on water, the Dominator Jet will get you 500hp which means you’ll get a more than decent speed while you’re floating peacefully to your next destination. Pretty cool huh?
 Watercar Python 02 Watercar Python 03 Watercar Python 04  Watercar Python 05 
Amphibious cars have a rich niche history. They are fun to look at, but they don’t really move that well out of dealer showrooms. Wanna know why? Probably because they tend to be very expensive.The car costs around $200,000, but that’s the price to pay if you want a machine capable of going from 0-60mph in 4.5s on land and up to 60mph while on water. That price is just chicken for tycoons. Not to mention the benefits you can get while driving it.

Want to be a chick magnet? This is probably the hippest way on how to be one.


A rather interesting decision, especially for those countries which have a flood sometimes. It would probably be a nice buy for people living in areas prone to flooding. What do you think? Is it worth getting it?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Gadget Allows Blind to See Using Tongue

   Have you ever watched Blind Dating? It is a romantic comedy film starring Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Anjali Jay. Maybe some of you have never heard of those names, but it's ok coz i'm more concerned about the Story. It is about an intelligent, handsome, charming young blind man who signed up for a dangerous experimental procedure: brain surgery that may give him partial vision. Having been blind from birth, he volunteers for a risky experimental procedure that may restore his sight -- having a microchip installed in the visual cortex of his brain that connects to a camera that would give him only, at best, fuzzy black and white images. Later, he fell in love with a girl and he would do anything just to see that woman who made her heart beat, even to the expense of his life. To be able to see her eyes, her smile and the way she grin will surely mean the world to him. Now, his dream might finally come to reality with the use of with the use of Wicab BrainPort - a gadget that allow its users to see using their tongue.

The latest invention of neuroscientists from Middleton, Wisc.-based Wicab, Inc. represents a gadget that can help blind or those with extremely low vision to see using their tongue. The Wicab BrainPort collects information gathered by a small digital camera mounted on a pair of glasses and then transmits it to a "lollipop" electrode array which the user attaches to their tongue.

The device's digital camera sends the light information to a base unit that has the size of a usual mobile phone. Afterwards the small base unit translates the light information into electrical impulses, thus substituting retina's function. Then the base unit transmits that information to a set of 400 microelectrodes that are positioned on the paddle placed on the user's tongue. The article in Scientific American explains that the microelectrodes excite the nerves on the surface on a person's tongue. Those, who have already tested the latest invention, enjoyed the feeling of Pop Rocks candies on their tongue.

It is also worth mentioning that the base unit of the device includes such functions as zoom control, light settings control and intensity. You can find more interesting information on various useful inventions here at; please consider checking the links at the bottom of the story.With their help users can identify doorways and elevator buttons. Besides, the latest invention from Wicab researchers can help users read letters and numbers. In addition, the Wicab BrainPort allows seeing cups and forks on the table.

This latest invention is expected to hit the market by the end of 2009. Its initial price will be about $10,000 per device.

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To have a clearer view of what I'm saying, watch this video...

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