Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stackable Furniture for Future Houses

Not much room in your living room? Buy stackable furniture! It's stylish and futuristic design is no doubt a work of art and a space saving solution. With this, you can simply turn a paved patio in a designer lounge.

This stacking lawn furniture tower -- called Obelisk from Dedon -- was featured at a Paris furniture salon, and it was pretty stunning even without the ocean backdrop, with its four chairs and coffee table that could be piled into a sculptural object when not in use. It creates an object of visual interest, unobtrusive but present, when not used as chairs.

Lawn furniture has become incredibly high-tech, often as comfortable and expensive as its indoor counterparts. But the Obelisk from Dedon could also work in an unconventional studio apartment -- perfect for a dancer, maybe, who could put away her living room during the day so she could pirouette around the open floor space. Or for an artist who likes visitors to stop by his little studio for coffee breaks, but always frets that he doesn't have enough room for chairs and a coffee table.
Stackable furniture 07
The Obelisk Chairs is four powdered coated aluminum frame chairs with white cushions and a table which can stack into one piece made out of woven polyethylene. With both larger and smaller versions available, two to four seats along with a coffee table all emerge from a single sphere or obelisk shape. The table alone sets this apart from most transforming/collapsing chair sets, but with the passable style and transforming functional of this set one could also imagine cramped interior spaces benefiting from one of these designs. And yeah, it's cool!

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