Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drive on Land and Water Thru Aquada Car

Aquada Watercar 03The Saleen Aquada, as you may be able to fathom from its name, is a convertible sports car that also
happens to drive just fine along the surface of water. It is a cross between a Jet Ski and a quad bike.
which can reach speeds of up to 40 mph on land.

Switching between the two modes is as simple as hitting a button. When you are approaching waters,
just hit a specific button and drive straight into water. The wheels automatically rise and as you press the
accelerator, nearly a tonne of thrust pushes the Aquada onto the plane. Within 12 seconds the Aquada
can turn into a boat that can zoom up to 30mph on water.
Aquada Watercar 02 Saleen will be conducting manufacturing design and engineering work required to bring the Gibbs Aquada
and Quadski to the North American market. Gibbs plans to introduce the models late in 2009 or early in
2010. Saleen is also looking at ways to improve their performance.

Python Water Car is now holding the record for the world's fatest amphibious car. Aquada may not be the
fastest, but it has one of the most sleekiest design among the amphi cars available in the market.
Rinspeed's sQuba Car is still on the top of my list.

Watch the car in action:

While it may not be able to go underwater like some other cars, it's still pretty cool that you can get this
vehicle to serve both as a speed boat and a sports car. Not bad for being the first.

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