Friday, January 15, 2010

Robots Dancing "Nobody But You" by Wonder Girls

I've just watched a video of Mini Robots in youtube dancing the famous "Nobody But You" by the Korean girl group Wonder Girls. And as i browsed more videos and clicked links, i found out that there were several more robots doing more complex tricks. The minibots look so cute and entertaining. Of course i was able to see the famed Asimo, a humanoid introduced by Honda, whose rapid progression never fails to amaze me. However, I just came to realized how left behind are the technologies of a lot of countries. The Japanese were surely a couple of leaps advanced in technological innovations than most countries.

Pretty amazing, though, it was also a little creepy. Just imagine how many more years to come before the "i-robot" era takes place. The time when human and machines live altogether. Who knows, there may come a point that these robots will no longer be run by remote controls. They might have their own brains or soon develop feelings and emotions. As they evolve, they might even become a treat to humanity. Haha, i guess I'm thinking way too far now. But still, we've already seen it in movies, so we can bet that these things may not really be far from being a reality. ("i-robot" from the movie starred by Will Smith).


  1. These are the coolest dancing robots i've ever watched. I just wonder if the japanese would ever release their prototypes in the market. So far, i find this video entertaining.

  2. hahaha... very funny lol! love how blue minibot breakdance. :)


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